Stephen Chang, PhD (SVP, Strategic Initiatives)

As the Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at The New York Stem Cell Foundation, Dr. Stephen Chang has overall responsibility for planning, coordinating, and managing the activities of the research department. In this role, he provides senior leadership in the areas of research and development, oversight of short and long term projects with regulations and policies related to administration and  business units, partnerships with industry and other research institutions, and supervision and evaluation of projects.

Prior to joining NYSCF, Dr. Chang served as Chief Scientific Officer of Stemgent upon the company's founding in 2008. He was previously the CEO of Multicell Technologies and continues as a director of this company.

Dr. Chang is president of CURES, a coalition of patient advocates, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and venture capitalists dedicated to ensuring the safety, research, and development of innovative lifesaving medications. He is also a board member of Histogen, Inc., a privately held company in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Chang received his PhD in biological chemistry, molecular biology, and biochemistry from the University of California, Irvine. Areas of research interest include translational applications of basic science to pharmaceutical products.

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