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The New York Stem Cell Foundation and the 92nd Street Y presented a panel discussion entitled Stem Cell Research: The Way Forward. 

The board welcomed NYSCF's first class of Postdoctoral Fellows for an evening of stem cell strategy discussion.

Richard Feigen hosted an outreach cocktail reception for NYSCF in New York City. Kevin Eggan, PhD, and Robin Goland, MD, gave talks on the biology of stem cells, underscoring the potential for this research to change the face of science and medicine.

Lieutenant Governor of New York David A. Paterson announced Governor Spitzer's plans for a New York State stem cell initiative.

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg welcomed guests and participants at the gala dinner that opened NYSCF's 2006 Annual Translational Research Conference at Rockefeller University. Douglas Melton, PhD, and dinner chair Dick Wolf addressed more than 250 scientists and NYSCF friends and supporters.  


Zach Hall, PhD, former president of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine updated NYSCF's Medical Advisory Board on the state of legal battles and funding in California.

The evening was devoted to facts and controversies surrounding stem cell research with a panel discussion geared to the general public, a brief scientific presentation, Stem Cells 101, and a discussion of the political and ethical issues that abound in this field.

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