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On October 2nd, in honor of World Stem Cell Day, NYSCF scientists visited over 200 students at the Harlem Children's Zone's Promise Academies One and Two, introducing students to the fascinating world of scientific, specifically stem cell, research.  

A group of students from the Promise Academies later toured the NYSCF Laboratory and talked with NYSCF scientists about their cutting-edge research. 

These were exceptional days and future events already planned at these and many other New York schools.  This ongoing educational outreatch program is an exciting NYSCF initiative that seeks to provide educational opportunities for young people and introduce them science and stem cell research. 

The NYSCF Academy, including these educational outreach programs, is an ongoing education initiative to bring stem cell science education to middle and high school students throughout the greater New York City area in order to promote scientific literacy, educate young people on the promise of stem cell research, and encourage students to study science and technology.

The program deploys NYSCF scientists into local schools to provide seminars on stem cell biology and engage students in thoughtful discussion about stem cell research and its promise for the future. Students have the opportunity to meet the scientists and ask questions, both about stem cell research and life as a scientist.

On October 11th, NYSCF CEO and Co-founder Susan L. Solomon participated on a panel at the Hamptons international Film Festival discussing 'Decoding Annie Parker,' a film that portrays the struggles of two women - one a geneticist researching the still-unknown link between DNA and cancer among skeptical colleagues and the other, a breast cancer patient who has already lost her mother and sister to the disease - at the center of a monumental breakthrough in medical science.  The panel discussed the patenting of genes and the development of personalized treatments. 

NYSCF Scientist Dieter Egli, PhD, spoke about his work on curing mitochondrial disease with NPR on October 9th.  He discussed the scientific techniques he and his team developed to avoid a mother passing on mitochondrial diseases to her biological children and the very real possibility of eliminating these rare and devastating diseases from the population as a whole.

Read or listen to the interview on NPR >>

Thursday, 26 September 2013 14:08

CEO Susan L. Solomon Joins Board of CCRM

NYSCF is working towards discovering and moving successful stem cell therapeutics to the clinic.  CEO and co-founder Susan L. Solomon will bring her expertise and drive for this cause to the board of the Centre for Commercilaization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM).  CCRM is a Canadian not-for-profit organization supporting the development of foundational technologies that accelerate the commercialization of stem cell and biomaterials-based products and therapies.

NYSCF Vice President of research and development, Stephen Chang, PhD, participated on a panel exploring stem cell research and the potential induced pluripotent cells hold for future research for a webinar series on innovative cell research for The Scientist on September 18th.

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Thursday, 19 September 2013 10:40

NYSCF Scientist Speaks at ISSCR Regional Forum

NYSCF Scientist Dieter Egli, PhD, spoke about cell fate control, specifically with regard to his work on genome exchange in human oocytes, at the International Society for Stem Cell Research regional forum.  This forum, held in Florence, Italy focused on stem cells in translation and ran from September 15th through 18th. 

Read more on the ISCCR website >>

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 14:28

Susan Solomon Interviewed for NYC Tech Connect

NYSCF CEO Susan Solomon recently sat down with NYC Tech Connect Blogger Howard Johnson to talk about NYSCF's mission, research model, how NYSCF fits within the New York biotech community and where she sees the future of collaboration and stem cell research.

Read more on the NY Tech Connect website >>

NYSCF researchers Dr. Giuseppe Maria de Peppo and Dr. Darja Marolt published a review article in Stem Cell Research & Therapy on how modifying the human iPS cell culture environment has the potential for improving construction of various stem cell-derived tissue substitutes. Dr. de Peppo, a NYSCF Research Fellow, focuses mainly on use of human iPS cells to engineer vascularized bone to study its potential use in treatment and new bone-regeneration therapies.

Read the full review in Stem Cell Research & Therapy >>

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