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The New York Stem Cell Foundation and The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine have laid the foundation for a stem cell research collaboration in a joint effort to cure many debillitating diseases. NYSCF Press Release » CIRM Press Release »
The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) today announced the award of eight new NYSCF-Druckenmiller Fellows.  These postdoctoral scientists join 15 accomplished stem cell researchers from leading institutions who have been supported by the program since 2006.  NYSCF has awarded 23 fellowships to date. Press Release » Learn more about…
The New York Stem Cell Foundation received $27 million from the Robertson Foundation to fund Early Career Investigators and a stem cell prize.  Read the press release Read the Wall Street Journal article
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and NYSCF are establishing a collaborative program to advance the development and use of stem cells in therapies for a wide range of diseases. The program will train researchers to use stem cells and foster joint research projects.
NYSCF Fellow Dr. Christopher Fasano and colleagues at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center used human embryonic stem cells to derive floor plate tissue, an important signaling center during brain development. This is the first study shown to derive floor plate tissue from hESCs.  Floor plate development is essential in the…
New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF)-Druckenmiller Fellow, Daylon James, PhD, of Weill Cornell Medial College, is lead author on a study defining conditions for generating a plentiful supply of endothelial (vessel lining) cells that are suitable for therapeutic use. Read More »  
Today, Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), announced that 13 new stem cell lines have been approved for federal research support. The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is very proud that Dr. Scott Noggle, the Director of the NYSCF Stem Cell Laboratory, derived 2…
NYSCF applauds NYSCF-Druckenmiller fellow Justin Ichida on his recently published work in Cell Stem Cell, bringing us closer to turning adult cells into patient-specific stem cells without the use of cancer causing genes.
The New York Stem Cell Foundation has received a grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Foundation to provide seed funding for the initial six-month phase of NYSCF's multi-year diabetes modeling program. Read more »
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