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Receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

In another exciting breakthrough, Dr. Kevin Eggan, Chief Scientific Officer of The New York Stem Cell Foundation and Principal Faculty Member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, has succeeded in deriving spinal motor neurons from human embryonic stem cells and used them to replicate ALS disease in a laboratory dish.

NYSCF-supported research by Dr. Kevin Eggan was named as Time Magazine's top medical breakthrough of 2008.

NYSCF hails Dr. Douglas Melton's announcement that he and colleagues at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have turned adult pancreatic cells into insulin-producing beta cells in mice.

NYSCF has helped create a video on stem cell research currently playing in the Hall of Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The video - a six and a half minute reminder of how far scientific research has come and how far it has to go - is part of the Museum's Human Bulletin series. It portrays the promise of stem cell therapies for human disease and demonstrates the potential of the research to create opportunities for studying disease fundamentals.

The video plays daily for Museum audiences on a large screen in the "Hall of Human Origins" and is part of a series on current research about the natural world.  As a prominent feature in the series, the stem cell video can be viewed at the Museum for the next six months and indefinitely on their website.

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