Catalyzing Cures for Type 1 Diabetes: Progress, Challenges, and Promise


March 2, 2020
6:30 – 8:30 PM


NYSCF Research Institute

619 West 54th Street

For 98 years, we have used insulin therapy to treat the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, but there is still no cure for the disease. Developing a cure requires the restoration of healthy pancreas function in a way that avoids the powerful autoimmune attack. NYSCF scientists are leveraging the power of stem cells to create a cell replacement therapy and using genetic tools to ‘camouflage’ the transplanted cells from the immune system.

At this event scientists, clinicians, and patient advocates discussed the latest progress towards this and many routes to a cure for type 1 diabetes.

“The story here [at NYSCF] of the pioneering work that’s happening — that this team has catalyzed — shows that there’s no singular approach to curing T1D, but that the promise of the work is very, very real,” remarked JDRF’s Aaron Kowalski, PhD.

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Ben Goldberger
Carol Levy, MD
Mount Sinai
Aaron Kowalski, PhD
Bjarki Johannesson, PhD
The NYSCF Research Institute
Jason Baker, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine

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