"Stem Cells and the Personalized Medicine Revolution" Panel at NYBA Annual Meeting

May 29, 2013 at 9:20 – 10:35 AM | New York, NY

Stem cells allow us, for the first time, to model and study human disease as it actually occurs. Reliance on animal models and cultured cells, while valuable for their overarching insights into the course of disease, fail to fully recapitulate the underlying cellular mechanisms. The generation of stem cell lines from patient blood or skin samples grant an unprecedented means to functionalize the human genetics—that is, overlay our burgeoning understanding of genes to the natural course of disease. This panel will assess the promise and future applications of stem cells to disease modeling, drug and therapeutic testing, and anticipated directions.


Susan L. Solomon
Chief Executive Officer
New York Stem Cell Foundation


Stephen Chang, PhD
Vice President for Research and Development
New York Stem Cell Foundation

Melissa Nirenberg, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology
Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center
New York University

Samuel Gandy, MD, PhD
Mount Sinai Professor of Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry
Associate Director of the Mount Sinai Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, NYC
Chairman Emeritus of the National Medical and Scientific Advisory Council of the Alzheimer’s Association
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Panel Discussion