Uniting Patients and Researchers on the Road to Curing Type 1 Diabetes


April 11, 2019
6:00 – 8:00 pm


NYSCF Research Institute
619 West 54th Street

Partnerships between patients and scientists are critical for identifying and addressing unmet research and treatment needs. This event, in partnership with Lyfebulb, convened patients, advocates, scientists, and caregivers to discuss the future of type 1 diabetes research and treatment. Panelists explored the treatment options currently available and how these different communities can work together to develop treatments that will improve the lives of patients in the near and long term. Dr. Bjarki Johannesson of the NYSCF Research Institute spoke about his team’s use of stem cells to understand the disease in a whole new light and to create cells for therapeutic applications.

Read a summary of the event and watch highlights here.

Type 1 Diabetes Panel

Susan L. Solomon, JD
The NYSCF Research Institute
Karin Hehenberger, MD, PhD
Lyfebulb CEO and Founder
Lauren Bongiorno
Diabetic Health Coach
Bjarki Johannesson, PhD
The NYSCF Senior Research Investigator
Aaron Kowalski, PhD
JDRF President & CEO
Jennifer Ross
Be Mixed Co-founder
Stuart Weiss, MD
NYU School of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor

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