Sarah Xuelian Huang, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

2011 NYSCF – Druckenmiller Fellow Alumna

PhD, Columbia University

Postdoctoral Training, Columbia University


Dr. Huang optimized the method, or protocol, to achieve a high efficiency of forming functional lung cells from human stem cells. The major issues in producing lung cells included a low purity among the lung cells and a lack of maturity in their development. Dr. Huang was able to significantly improve the protocol to yield high-purity functional lung cells in as little as 15 days. She was also able to turn these lung cells into a variety of different mature respiratory cell types involved in the formation of a fully functioning lung, work she is continuing in her independent research at UTHealth. She completed her postdoctoral studies at Columbia in Dr. Hans Snoeck’s lab.

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