Cutting-Edge Research Highlights The NYSCF Conference

Press Release

Leaders in stem cell biology and researchers at the forefront of translational medicine convened at the 2016 NYSCF Conference to discuss the latest advances in using stem cells to understand and treat human disease. Through presentations, panels, posters and numerous informal discussions, attendees gained exciting new insights into disease mechanisms and heard about novel approaches to treat a wide range of debilitating conditions.

Key meeting highlights included updates on stem cell research on:

Macular Degeneration – Presentations by Drs. Masayo Takahashi, RIKEN-CDB, Japan, and Sally Temple, Neural Stem Cell Institute, on the initiation of clinical trials involving stem cell-based treatments for macular degeneration.

Cancer – Drs. Isabelle Riviere, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Saar Gill, University of Pennsylvania, and Khalid Shah, Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, shared the latest CAR-T and stem cell-based cancer therapies, an exciting and promising approach for patients around the world.

In addition, a keynote address featured Greg Simon, Executive Director of the Cancer Moonshot Taskforce, who discussed the President’s initiative to use novel collaboration structures and a boost of funding to make giant research leaps against many different types of the disease.

Tissue Engineering – Novel approachs to treating complicated disease included a presentation by Dr. Tracy Grikscheit, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the University of Southern California, who discussed how her lab uses new approaches for intestine and colon repair via stem cell-based tissue engineering.

Diabetes – Drs. Gerald Napom, Benaroya Research Institute, and Qizhi Tang, University of California San Francisco, debated strategies for overcoming immunological barriers in cell therapy for diabetes.

Other presentations addressed heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, bone repair and novel drug discovery platforms.

The NYSCF conference is unique, focusing on translational stem cell research demonstrating the potential to advance cures for the major diseases of our time. It is designed for all professionals with an interest in stem cell research, including physicians, researchers, clinical investigators, professors, government and health officials, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Stay tuned for information on The NYSCF Conference 2017!

The 2016 NYSCF Conference Agenda