Inaugural Meeting of the IWISE Working Group – February 2014

Goal: Generate a shortlist of strategies to promote women in science, medicine, and engineering

NYSCF convened a group of eminent women scientists, physicians, and leaders for a daylong summit to outline the future goals, agenda, and roadmap for the initiative. The IWISE working group generated a list of 7 actionable strategies for advancing women in science, engineering, and medicine.

Direct financial support strategies 
1.  Implement flexible family care spending
2.  Provide “extra hands” awards
Psychological and cultural strategies
3.  Recruit gender balanced external review and speaker selection committees
4.  Incorporate implicit bias statements
5.  Focus on education as tool
Major collaborative and international initiatives
6.  Create an institutional report card for gender equality
7.  Partner to expand upon existing searchable databases of women in science, medicine and engineering

The full details of these recommendations were published in Cell Stem Cell, in March 2015.
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