NYSCF and Cord Blood Registry Partner to Generate New Stem Cell Lines

NYSCF and CBR Systems, Inc. DBA Cord Blood Registry (CBR) are collaborating to customize the creation of high-quality stem cell lines from umbilical cord blood tissue. NYSCF will create induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines from umbilical cord tissue collected after birth from healthy newborns provided by CBR. The partnership will combine NYSCF’s stem cell research expertise, including the pioneering NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array technology, with CBR’s experience in newborn cord blood collection and banking.

This collaboration will help anticipate necessary technology and infrastructure for regenerative medicine stem cell applications, including potential future treatments for patients and their families. Working together, NYSCF and CBR will advance biomedical research with the goal of realizing the power of precision medicine.

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