NYSCF Panel Featured on Dana Foundation Blog


The Dana Foundation attended NYSCF’s recent talk, Unlocking the Diseases of the Brain with Stem Cells,” at NYSCF headquarters in Manhattan. The talk featured a panel of experts discussing how stem cell research can “unlock” diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. NYSCF’s Chief Medical Officer Melissa J. Nirenberg, MD, PhD, Vice President of Automation Systems and Stem Cell Biology Daniel Paull, PhD, and Senior Vice President of Research Scott Noggle, PhD, explained what we currently know about brain diseases and the role stem cells can play in their diagnosis and treatment.

The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization committed to advancing brain research and to educating the public in a responsible manner about research’s potential. The Foundation has three main goals: to develop a better understanding of the brain and its functions, to speed the discovery of treatments for brain disorders, and to combat the stigma of brain disorders through education.

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