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Obama Campaign Reveals Science Advisors

Wired Science “Barack Obama has established a small but well-regarded inner circle of science advisors that includes Nobel laureates.” Read more &raquo

GOP wants to close stem cell lab doors

The Boston Globe “Stem Cell research was one issue that many observers thought would fly under the radar in this year’s presidential election.” Read more &raquo

Shooting Down Cancer

Economist “A theory linking the scourge to stem cells may offer new ways of treating this most terrifying of diseases.” See related article – The Root...

Consent issues restrict stem-cell use

Nature “Stanford University is to tell its researchers that around one-quarter of the human embryonic stem-cell lines eligible for US government funding are now off-limits because...

The ethics of egg manipulation

Nature “Many couples are faced with the unpleasant choice between not having a child of their own and risking the passing on of a debilitating disease. ...