A Message From NYSCF Regarding the 2016 Election Results


At some point in our lives, we or the people we love become patients. The results of the 2016 election will not change that fact. But they may well have a major impact on the funding of stem cell research, our nation’s commitment to advanced research, and our ability to pursue the highest and best science free of any political obstacles.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation was created in 2005 at an exceptionally difficult time for stem cell research, when the federal government explicitly banned the use of government funds to support embryonic stem cell research. NYSCF, as a privately funded organization, played a key role in leading the way out of that difficult period for science. Our independence and private support since then have given us the freedom to pursue the most advanced research, irrespective of politics, and to build a broad constituency for the most advanced science.

Over the past eleven years, NYSCF has made tremendous progress and helped to elevate the entire field of stem cell research. We are hopeful that the broad coalition of both public and private support for stem cell research that we have seen over the last eight years will not be lost. Today, NYSCF remains independent as an institution and regardless of the political climate, our only priority is to do everything we can to assure that the search for better treatments and cures continues to advance unencumbered by politics.

Thank you for your ongoing support of NYSCF and stem cell research.

Susan L. Solomon
CEO and Co-Founder
The New York Stem Cell Foundation


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