The NYSCF Academy for Science and Society

The NYSCF Academy for Science and Society (or NYSCF Academy) provides comprehensive scientific education for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and scientific understanding who want to enable progress.

Dr. Cecile TerrenoireStudent Education and Engagement
We serve students from under-resourced schools and communities to better prepare them for careers in STEM fields and help the next generation of scientists and engineers to turn their ideas into meaningful outcomes for patients.

General Public
We engage the public with frequent opportunities to learn about important scientific advances, ask questions about breakthroughs in stem cell research, and discuss societal and ethical implications.

Scientific Community Engagement & Collaboration
The NYSCF Academy is also an important forum for exchange and collaboration among the scientific community. We are creating ongoing learning opportunities to keep scientists up to date on latest advances in translational research and foster collaboration within the local and international scientific community.

Through democratized access to educational resources and scientific knowledge, we are also creating a more informed population who can proactively engage and shape critical scientific and health policy decisions around the world. We must have full participation in science education to ensure that we find cures and treatments as quickly as possible.