NYSCF Innovators Awarded Highest Honor by U.S. Government for Early Career Scientists

Every year, the President awards a group of scientists with the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. This year, two NYSCF – Robertson Neuroscience Investigators received this recognition for their “early accomplishments show[ing] the greatest promise for assuring America’s preeminence in science and engineering” as stated by The White House Office of the Press Secretary. Assistant Professor Kay Tye of MIT controls neurons with light to understand social behaviors. Most recently she published a paper in Cell deciphering loneliness on an unprecedented microscopic scale. Hillel Adesnik, Assistant Professor of Neurobiology at University of California, Berkeley, studies perception in human and animals at the level of the neuron. Both Dr. Tye and Dr. Adesnik have made incredible strides in understanding what drives human and animal behaviors elucidating what it means to be human. Previous recipients include NYSCF-Robertson Neuroscience Investigator Gaby Maimon of Rockefeller University and NYSCF Advisor Kevin Eggan of Harvard University.


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