Bringing Stem Cell Science to Patients: The Founding of Moderna, Magenta, Intellia, and Convelo


March 12, 2019
6:00 – 8:00 PM


The NYSCF Research Institute

619 West 54th Street

At this event, stem cell researchers and NYSCF – Robertson Investigator Alumni Drs. Derrick Rossi and Paul Tesar shared the science and stories behind the creation of 4 innovative biotech companies. Both scientist-entrepreneurs presented the research and process that led to these spinouts, and the discussion was followed by a Q&A and refreshments. This event kicked off the NYSCF Seminar Series designed for the scientific and biotech communities.

Read a summary of the event here.

Derrick Rossi, PhD
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
President & CEO, Convelo Therapeutics

Paul Tesar, DPhil
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Co-Founder, Convelo Therapeutics