Shivatra Noi Talchai, PhD

Shivatra Noi Talchai, PhD

​Chief Scientific Officer at SMIT Stem Cell Technologies, Singapore

2010 NYSCF – Druckenmiller Fellow Alumna

PhD, Columbia University

Postdoctoral Training, Columbia University


Dr. Talchai discovered that she could induce cells of the gut to release insulin, a function that had been previously associated only with the pancreas. This finding gives hope for developing new treatments for diabetes. Previously, scientists tried to replace lost insulin-producing, beta-cells, cells with new pancreatic beta-cells in diabetic patients. The insulin-producing intestinal cells may be able to substitute for beta-cells, since they have sugar-sensing receptors and can release insulin in proper response to blood glucose levels. Dr. Talchai is continuing her work in generating human insulin-producing cells from gut stem cells as a form of treatment for diabetes. She completed her postdoctoral studies at Columbia in Dr. Domenico Accili’s lab.

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