A Summer of Science: Meet the 2023 NYSCF Interns


We were thrilled to welcome 26 incredible interns to our laboratory, engineering, data science, and programs teams for a summer of hands-on STEM education. Our interns work alongside our staff on meaningful projects that help them discover new passions and shape how they think about their futures.

“Working in the lab this summer, my mentors and the other scientists really made me feel like I was part of the team, answered any questions I had, and really wanted to help me learn,” remarked Ella, an intern on the neurodegenerative diseases research team.

“It was really cool to apply my genetics knowledge from school to a real life experiment, and seeing the results was a significant learning experience for me,” added Sara, a functional genomics intern.

“This program has made me a lot more confident in myself and my decision to study patent and intellectual property law, and because of this newfound confidence, I’m even applying to law school a year earlier than planned,” said Annie, a legal and IP intern.

Hear more from these students about their time at NYSCF this summer, and take a look inside the internship program (spoiler alert: may feature a Taylor Swift-themed baton routine):