Dr. Valentina Fossati Featured In Neuro Central

Recently, NYSCF Research Institute Senior Investigator Valentina Fossati, PhD, was featured in an article from Neuro Central about the current state of multiple sclerosis (MS) research and what is in store for the future of the field.

The piece served as a Q&A in which Dr. Fossati, along with Dr. Rick Munschauer (Global Head of Medical at MedDay Pharmaceuticals) and Dr. Luke Lairson (Assistant Professor of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute), could answer common questions about the disease. These questions covered topics from MS diagnosis to what types of technological advancements are needed to understand the disease’s pathology.

Dr. Fossati first expressed that MS is a complicated disease involving multiple factors.

“Our knowledge on pathogenic mechanisms in MS has greatly advanced over the years, but the more we study this disease the more its complexity becomes evident.”

She then touched upon some of the exciting results seen in stem cell treatments for the disease, specifically, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

“The data are very promising, and for some patients, the treatment seemed to be highly effective in stopping the relapses. In particular, patients affected by an aggressive form of the disease, with frequent relapses and within 10 years from diagnosis received the most benefits from the transplantation.”

Dr. Fossati was also sure to express her optimism about the future of MS research.

“This really an exciting time for MS research,” she says. “Maybe 10 years is a short time frame and there will not be dramatic changes for the patients, but within the next 10 years there will be significant progress for a more long-term future.”

Check out Part I and Part II of the article on Neuro Central’s website.

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