NYSCF’s Robotic Technology on The Stem Cell Podcast with Dr. Scott Noggle


NYSCF Vice President of Stem Cell Research, Dr. Scott Noggle leads The Stem Cell Podcast through a behind-the-scenes view of NYSCF’s one-of-a-kind robotic technology that creates hundreds of stem cells in tandem. On Episode 53 of the Podcast, hosts Dr. Christopher Fasano and Dr. Yosif Ganat interview Dr. Noggle about the ins and outs of the NYSCF Global Stem Cell ArrayTM and discover some of the details about how this pioneering technology was refined to generate consistent and efficient reprogramming of patients’ cells.

Dr. Noggle speaks on the power of stems cells to “probe into individuals’ biology in the laboratory” and discusses the research needs the Array was developed to respond to. On the horizon, Dr. Noggle looks forward to the power of populations of patient-specific stem cells generated by the Array to act as platforms for testing, developing, and finding new uses for drugs.

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