NYSCF and eagle-i Network Co-Develop iPS Cell Database

Press Release

Recognizing the enormous research potential of shared iPS cell lines, the NYSCF Research Institute and eagle-i Network are partnering to make NYSCF iPS cell lines and related information available to the public on a user-friendly, web-based, searchable database. The database (called the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell database) will help scientists find valuable resources, enabling collaboration, preventing duplicative work, and ultimately accelerating research.

NYSCF derives hundreds of iPS cell lines from skin samples of patients with a wide variety of diseases using the NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array technology. eagle-i will display information on NYSCF’s cell lines as linked open data, enabling discovery by any third party search engine and allowing scientists to search for cell lines using several categories including by disease, how the cells were reprogrammed, and patient age at the time the sample was collected.

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