NYSCF CEO Susan Solomon Named to Mayor Adams’ Life Sciences Advisory Council


This week, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) named NYSCF CEO Susan L. Solomon, JD, to its Life Sciences Advisory Council, a group of industry-leading experts who will help guide the city’s continued exponential growth of life sciences, as supported by LifeSci NYC, a $1 billion, 10-year initiative. 

“NYSCF is proud to be a driving force in accelerating the most promising disease research and bringing the life science community together,” said Ms. Solomon. “I am honored to join this group of outstanding leaders in New York City’s thriving life science sector to form strategies for bettering human health and expanding our capabilities with team science.”

“Our Advisory Council works closely with the NYCEDC to cultivate a thriving life sciences industry in New York City. We believe that industry can create and commercialize novel drugs, diagnostics, and other products here that will be useful in the health sector nationally and globally, while also opening a diverse set of career paths accessible to the City’s talent,” said Harold Varmus, MD, Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Life Sciences Advisory Council in a press release. “Indeed, with strong support from the past and present Mayors, the NYCEDC, and the academic sector, New York’s life science industry has come a long way recently, and it has built a strong public/private sector partnership with unlimited potential.” 

“The Life Sciences NYC Advisory Council brings together experts in science, business, and finance to provide insights into innovative ways to create and support a thriving life sciences ecosystem in the City,” said Claire Pomeroy, MD, Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Life Sciences Advisory Council.  “The diverse and synergistic perspectives of the members position the Council well to help define approaches that will leverage the powerful assets of New York City, including leading research institutions, a well-trained science workforce and a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit, and to catalyze programs that both advance knowledge and provide economic stimulus for people across the five boroughs and around the world.” 

NYCEDC also recently established a Real Estate Life Sciences Advisory Board, which will offer guidance on how the City’s real estate assets can best be used to foster and support continued growth of the life sciences sector.

“To cultivate and maintain a dominant life sciences hub, New York City needs to create world-class environments that respond to the needs of life science companies throughout their life cycles,” said Rob Speyer, Chair of the Mayor’s Real Estate Life Sciences Advisory Board. “By bringing together the region’s leading developers and operators of cutting-edge life science ecosystems, the Advisory Board is well-positioned to assist the City in crafting the tools and policies necessary to attract and retain a critical mass of life sciences companies and talent.” 

Both groups will meet regularly over the course of the year and plan to have one joint meeting to discuss key policy and strategic areas of interest. 

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