NYSCF CEO Writes Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

On June 19, the New York Times ran an article on all too common situation in drug research and development: an experimental drug that had a profound effect on some was discontinued after failing to meet its clinical goals. This trial assessed the alleviation of extreme behavioral symptoms in children with an incurable genetic disorder known as fragile X syndrome. 

While enabling some children to enjoy normal social interactions, the trial failed to show statistical improvement in all participants. Susan L. Solomon, CEO of NYSCF, described in a letter to the editor how the NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array could move clinical trials, like this one, forward. With patient-specific stem cells, scientists identify in advance, in a dish which drugs are likely to be beneficial and those that are unlikely to have an effect. This personalized approach, according to Solomon, “will mean that a drug that is effective for some people but not for most will not have to be denied to those who it can help.”

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