NYSCF Fosters Collaboration Through Involvement In Forum on Regenerative Medicine


NYSCF believes that to achieve impactful results in regenerative medicine, collaboration is key. One way in which NYSCF shows its commitment to fostering collaboration amongst scientists, government, industry, and patients is through its involvement in the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Forum on Regenerative Medicine. This group discusses how to address challenges facing regenerative medicine, identify new opportunities to advance the field, and improve health through the development of new therapies.

The Forum hosts workshops addressing important topics such as translational research and navigating the manufacturing process. These meetings bring thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds together to share their experiences and ideas in a neutral setting that places a value on forming partnerships.

NYSCF understands the importance of creating dialogues about policy, research, ethics, and clinical outcomes in regenerative medicine. Bringing effective treatments to patients is a team effort, and initiatives like the Forum on Regenerative Medicine are a good way to build a strong, dedicated team.

For more information on the Forum on Regenerative Medicine, and to register now, check out their website.