NYSCF Speaks at NIH Workshop on Cell Culture Reproducibility


The National Institute of Health (NIH) invited Susan Solomon to chair and moderate a panel at September’s NIH Workshop on Reproducibility in Cell Culture Studies. The panel, within the “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities” session of the workshop focused on the difficulties of stem cells and engineered environments. Solomon explored the challenges of modeling diseases in a dish and approaches that NYSCF has taken to develop reproducible stem cell culture studies. Among conversations about guidelines for stem cell production and maintenance, genetic diversity represented by stem cells, and current biotechnology, the panel discussed how the NYSCF Global Stem Cell ArrayTM responds to the issues of reproducibility in the field by automating the production of stem cells to reduce human error and standardize the production of stem cells, increasing reproducibility of stem cell research. Dr. Scott Noggle, NYSCF Vice President of Stem Cell Research also participated on several other panels discussing various issues related to cell culture reproducibility.


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