NYSCF Talks in East Hampton and at Mount Sinai


NYSCF CEO Susan L. Solomon discussed NYSCF’s many roles in research and policy in two events this past month.

The East Hampton Library invited Ms. Solomon to speak about “Cells and Souls: Frontiers in Stem Cell Research” as part of their 2016 Tom Twomey Lecture Series. The talk, hosted by Sheila Rogers, focused on how advanced stem cell research is ushering in the future of regenerative medicine including first steps towards personalized treatments. The Tom Twomey Series features guest lectures from people with a wide variety of backgrounds and runs from April to October annually.

The second talk kicked off the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai science policy seminar series. Ms. Solomon discussed “Stem Cell Policy – Who Get’s to Decide?” and the role of the patient voice in scientific research. The talk focused on how and why Ms. Solomon started NYSCF in 2005, her role as a patient advocate, and how NYSCF has worked for changes in current stem cell policy and regulations.

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