NYSCF Weighs in on Stem Cell Tourism Regulation


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an increase in oversight and enforcement of the use of unproven stem cell therapies in the US. Hundreds of clinics around the country provide potentially dangerous or even lethal stem cell therapies to desperate patients. This so-called “stem cell tourism” takes advantage of the critically ill and muddies the results of legitimate stem cell clinical trials.

Watch a panel discussion by scientists and patient advocates on what you need to know about stem cell tourism.

NYSCF CEO Susan L. Solomon emphasized the importance of this announcement, stating “the regulation of these clinics is very difficult, so the announcement that the FDA will be stepping up their oversight should be welcomed and applauded.” She continued, adding that “there are extremely promising studies and research using stem cells to treat macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and many other devastating diseases. However, anyone advertising a ‘cure’ today is simply taking advantage of patients for their own financial gain.”

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, issued a statement promising additional enforcement in the coming months. You can read that statement in full here

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