Stem Cell Research: a Federal Priority in 2009

Along with so many Americans, The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is pleased and gratified by the news that President-elect Obama intends to make lifting the Bush restrictions on stem cell research a priority for the new administration.

We applaud President-elect Obama for his commitment to encouraging scientists to participate in this important field in accord with rigorous ethical guidelines, and for his support of legislation that is expected to be introduced quickly in the new Congress that will cement expanded federal funding for stem cell research.

NYSCF looks forward to working closely with both the Obama administration and the new Congress to advance stem cell research.  At a time when resources are limited, scientists are poised to make truly astounding discoveries of treatments and cures that will transform the lives of millions of Americans suffering from devastating disease and injury.

Today’s economic pressures make it difficult to count entirely on public funds for this critical science.  NYSCF will continue to privately fund the “R and D” of cutting-edge stem cell research to both establish the proof of concepts and to set the priorities for research programs that can be successfully expanded when public funding becomes available.  Private philanthropy remains the critical catalyst for keeping the science focused on translational research to accelerate the discovery and availability of therapies and cures that will improve the lives of all Americans.

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