Tackling Scientific Misrepresentation in the Media


Misunderstanding and misrepresentation of science in the media is a pervasive and age-old problem for research institutions. David McKeon, NYSCF Chief of Staff, explored this important issue and shared the steps NYSCF takes to correct false media representation of our work at the annual Health Research Alliance (HRA) Conference in Bethesda, Maryland.

Mr. McKeon discussed NYSCF’s strategies for clearly communicating our work and working with the media to accurately describe the science. He provided case studies using NYSCF’s discoveries, and the actions he and his colleagues take to prevent distortion of the science in the media.

HRA is an organization that fosters collaboration among non profit and non-governmental funders to support health research and training to advance health. The annual conference brings together HRA members to share best practices and new ideas all with a goal of advancing health.

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