The NYSCF Laboratory

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The New York Stem Cell Foundation's (NYSCF) first collaborative human embryonic stem cell research lab opened its doors on March 1, 2006. In keeping with NYSCF’s mission to accelerate research through collaboration, this lab provides a “safe haven” for top stem cell researchers to conduct cutting-edge embryonic stem cell work free of Federal constraints. Less than six months after it opened, the demand for a suitable environment in which to conduct the most advanced stem cell research was so great that The New York Stem Cell Foundation lab was doubled in size–a clear confirmation of NYSCF’s success in creating opportunities for scientists from a range of hospitals and academic institutions to collaborate in this critical field.

Overcoming Federal Restrictions

To accommodate Federal restrictions, research institutions must either set up cumbersome accounting systems to track every expense from laboratory equipment to paper clips, or they must establish costly separate facilities to ensure that no Federal funds are permitted, even indirectly, to support research using stem cell lines not approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The costs of these projects often consume a large portion of even the most generous private donations.

Because it is wholly privately funded, The New York Stem Cell Foundation is not subject to the onerous Federal restrictions that segregate hESC research from other forms of medical research. Our entire institution is free of Federal funds and Federal requirements that substantially inhibit research.

For Researchers

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