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Consent issues restrict stem-cell use

Nature “Stanford University is to tell its researchers that around one-quarter of the human embryonic stem-cell lines eligible for US government funding are now off-limits because...

The ethics of egg manipulation

Nature “Many couples are faced with the unpleasant choice between not having a child of their own and risking the passing on of a debilitating disease. ...

Heart Cells Cultured in the Lab

BBC News “Scientists have moved a step closer to creating functioning heart tissue for transplants in the lab.” Read more &raquo

FDA to Vet Embryonic Stem Cells’ Safety

Nature “Investors, biotech companies and other stem-cell stakeholders are meeting in Gaithersburg, Maryland, this week for the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) first public hearing...

Q&A: Human-Animal Embryo Research

Times Online “A Times expert explains why a team from Newcastle upon Tyne are causing controversy over stem cell legislation.”Read more &raquo