Stem Cells: The Future of Medicine


February 2, 2022
2:00 – 2:45 PM ET



What makes stem cells so uniquely powerful? 

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NYSCF’s Senior Vice President of Research Scott Noggle, PhD explains the basics of stem cells and why they are a breakthrough tool for medical research.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What stem cells can do that other cells cannot
  • How stem cells can be used to teach us about human diseases
  • How stem cells are paving the way for effective treatments and cures 
  • How NYSCF is best equipped to bring the full potential of stem cells to patients

About Dr. Scott Noggle

  • Dr. Noggle is SVP of Research at the NYSCF Research Institute where he helps oversee various stem cell research programs
  • Dr. Noggle is an expert in neurodegenerative diseases, leading a team on Alzheimer’s disease research at NYSCF
  • Dr. Noggle became NYSCF’s first full time researcher in 2008
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Scott Noggle, PhD
Senior Vice President of Research, The NYSCF Research Institute

Dr. Noggle is an experienced stem cell biologist who has spearheaded critical technologies to advance the field. He was a primary developer of The NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array®, the only fully automated robotic system of its kind for the accurate and reproducible generation of stem cell lines. His current work focuses on using stem cells to better understand and treat neurodegenerative diseases, primarily Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Noggle received his PhD from the Medical College of Georgia and completed his postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University, where he studied stem cells and neurology. With his team at the NYSCF Research Institute, Dr. Noggle is using stem cells to create the cells affected by Alzheimer’s disease and identify targets for new treatments.

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