The New York Stem Cell Foundation is the world’s leading stem cell nonprofit organization, with a mission to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time

​Accelerating cures for the major diseases of our time through stem cell research

The New York Stem Cell Foundation combines the depth of a highly focused research institute with the breadth of a wide-ranging philanthropic organization. Since its establishment in 2005, NYSCF has invested over $400 million in stem ​cell research and continues to conduct world-leading research, both in its own laboratory in New York City, and also in collaboration with major medical research and leading academic institutions around the world.​

The NYSCF Research Institute, an independent disease research facility, is a non-profit accelerator that serves to bridge the ongoing gap between research institutions and pharmaceutical and biotech companies by reducing the cost, time, and risk that historically inhibit the development of new treatments and cures.

By pursuing and supporting only the most promising stem cell research and technologies, NYSCF serves as a catalyst in this transformational field.