Paula Alonso-Guallart, DVM, PhD

NYSCF – Lisa Dean Moseley Foundation Fellow at NYSCF, Principal Scientist, Diabetes

PhD, University of Zaragoza
DVM, University of Zaragoza


Dr. Alonso-Guallart is an immunologist and doctor of veterinary medicine who leads NYSCF’s type 1 diabetes research (T1D). She joined NYSCF in 2019. 

She obtained her DVM degree from the University of Zaragoza in 2013 and her PhD in 2020 from the same institution. Prior to joining NYSCF, she held an Associate Research Scientist position at Columbia University, where she was previously a Postdoctoral Research Scientist for five years. At Columbia University, her work focused on immune cells called regulatory T cells and their role in modulating the immune response following transplantation.

In her role at NYSCF, she aims to develop an effective cell replacement therapy for T1D using beta cells (the cells lost in the disease) made from stem cells.