Rick Monsma, PhD

Senior Vice President of Scientific Operations at NYSCF

PhD in Neuroscience, University of Rochester


Dr. Monsma oversees all NYSCF Research Institute laboratory operations, including day to day functioning, project planning, and strategic development. Rick started his career as a Post-doc at the NIH and thereafter moved to an industry position with Hoffman-LaRoche in Basel, Switzerland where he focused on the identification and characterization of G-protein Coupled Receptors. From Roche Rick was recruited to Schering-Plough to set up and lead a group devoted to identifying ligands for orphan GPCRs. Later, he lead the High Throughput Screening (HTS) group at Schering-Plough, including development of capabilities to address screening of several million compounds in 1536 well format. Following the Merck/Schering merger, Rick transitioned to leading a Cell Pharmacology group, which developed and conducted diverse cell based assays in support of Drug Discovery projects in Neuroscience, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases.