NYSCF and Lyfebulb Announce Collaboration on Chronic Disease Research and Education


Lyfebulb, a patient-empowerment platform that connects chronic disease patients, industry, and investors to empower patients and support user-driven innovation, and The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF), a nonprofit dedicated to advancing stem cell research for the major diseases of our time, today announced a collaboration that will address current challenges facing the chronic disease community. The collaboration will kick off with an event focused on type 1 diabetes held at the NYSCF Research Institute in April of 2019— the first of many educational and advocacy events the organizations plan to hold.

The spring event will convene patients, advocates, scientists, and caregivers to discuss the future of chronic disease research and treatment. This program will aim to identify research needs via NYSCF’s community of researchers and stem cell thought leaders as well as Lyfebulb’s curated patient network, led by its Patient Ambassadors and Patients Entrepreneurs. Lyfebulb Patient Ambassadors are passionate individuals using their voice to advocate, share stories, create change, and inspire others living with chronic disease. Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneurs are those who have been personally affected by a disease, whether as a patient or through a loved one, and who have created a product or service to address an issue encountered by patients.

“As a company focused on reducing the burden of living with a chronic disease, Lyfebulb’s mission aligns closely with that of NYSCF, which works in advancing knowledge and therapies using stem cell research,” said Dr. Karin (Hehenberger) Denoyer, Founder and CEO of Lyfebulb. “These events will bring together the NYSCF community, patients, chronic disease advocates, prominent thought leaders and researchers, and those who have a strong interest in advancing treatment. This group will be critical in providing real-world experience to inspire and motivate the scientists and teams conducting research for a cure.”

The NYSCF Research Institute conducts exceptional scientific research that, when translated into patient-centric terms, will be educational and inspirational to Lyfebulb’s network of persons affected by chronic disease. NYSCF scientists are investigating the causes of type 1 diabetes using state-of-the-art stem cell technology and, at the April event, will share their recent advancements in understanding the mechanisms behind the disease. They will also discuss how these findings will one day translate into personalized, effective therapies.

“NYSCF and LyfeBulb share a deep commitment to improving the lives of patients,” said Susan L. Solomon, NYSCF CEO and Co-founder. “Together, we look forward to ensuring that those suffering from chronic disease feel supported and informed as we work to improve their treatment options.”

Additional event details will be announced via Lyfebulb and NYSCF.

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