NYSCF Partners with Alumnus Chris Gregg to Personalize Cancer Treatment with Big Data


Cancer patients can often feel powerless. They want to do all they can, but many feel as though they don’t have much control over their treatment. This is why we are partnering with NYSCF – Robertson Neuroscience Investigator Alumnus and University of Utah Associate Professor Chris Gregg, PhD, on Storyline, a venture aimed at giving patients a new avenue to improve diagnosis, personalize treatments, and further our understanding of cancer.

“Storyline is a new artificial intelligence platform for analyzing cognitive and behavioral patterns where patients can answer questions about their disease experience over time: what treatments they are receiving, how they are feeling, etc.,” explained Dr. Gregg. “Then, with machine learning, researchers will identify subgroups of patients with similar disease progressions and treatment responses, ultimately helping determine which therapies will work for which patients.”

Cancer is a famously variable and patient-specific disease. Collecting and managing data about how different patients experience cancer has enormous potential to improve diagnoses, treatments, and patient quality of life. We are excited about this partnership with Dr. Gregg and the many lives it will improve.

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