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The 2022 RFA is now open!

Please submit by January 19, 2022, 5:00pm Eastern.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to postdoctoral candidates at institutions in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The main goal of this initiative is to foster research that will advance the understanding and application of stem cells for the treatment of human disease. NYSCF is especially eager to support researchers who are early in their postdoctoral career, and we strongly encourage them to apply. The fellowship provides up to 2 years of funding with the possibility of a 3rd year pending satisfactory progress. Fellowships provide $58,500 annually in stipend plus $2,500 annually for computer or travel expenses.

All applications MUST be submitted through the online system.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

NYSCF is committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in STEM. Overcoming the impact of systematic racism, sexism, and other discrimination that has systematically marginalized certain groups from STEM research is critical for a productive, innovative scientific community. NYSCF strongly encourages applications from scientists of all ethnicities, cultures, religions, nationalities, abilities and disabilities, sexes, gender identities, sexual orientations, geographic locations, and socioeconomic statuses. New this year, we invite applicants to (optionally) self-identify as part of any systematically marginalized groups in STEM and to describe how this identity may have impacted their scientific career, to help us stay true to our commitment to increasing diversity in applicants and awardees and accounting for any undue adversity they may have faced. We also now require applicants to demonstrate their commitment to DEIB by describing any efforts or activities they are involved in that support DEIB in their own labs, institutes, or the broader STEM field.

Additionally, to help benchmark the state of gender equity in research institutions worldwide, we require all applicants to our grant programs to complete the Institutional Report Card for Gender Equity. The data submitted will not impact how your application is evaluated, but the report card must be submitted for the application to be considered complete. Details and FAQs can be found here.

About the Fellowship

The NYSCF Fellowship Program is the largest dedicated stem cell fellowship program in the world. It was established in 2006, and was created to train and support postdoctoral fellows in the pursuit of innovative and groundbreaking stem cell research. In addition to financial support, fellows are welcomed into NYSCF’s greater Innovator Community where researchers are provided additional opportunities for scientific growth and collaboration through an annual scientific retreat, NYSCF’s annual conference, mentorship opportunities, and media training, among others. The infrastructure provided by the NYSCF Innovator Program ensures that scientists are best equipped to realize the potential of their research goals, and in turn, accelerate progress in the field of stem cell research.

Support for the program is provided by Fiona and Stan Druckenmiller.

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