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The Stem Cell Wars Are Not Over

First appeared in The Huffington Post Nothing would give the millions of people afflicted with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and spinal cord...

Latest Developments in Stem Cell Research

The Huffington Post“During the past few weeks, significant developments have occurred thatmay strongly affect the progress of human stem cell research.”Read more &raquo

Monkey cloning milestone hailed “The scientist who led the team responsible for cloning Dolly the sheep yesterday hailed a breakthrough in monkey cloning which will spur the development of...

Conference Poster Session

October 16, 2007 NYSCF Postdoctoral Fellows presented their current projects at the 2nd Annual Translation Stem Cell Research Conference in October.  Directly following the scientific talks,...

NYSCF Speaks

Messages and Commentary from NYSCF Staff. Read more &raquo

Janet Felleman, Emeritus

Janet Felleman was recently appointed the New York State Parks Commissioner and chair of the New York City Region. Previously she was the CEO and President...