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Stem cell efforts hit state roadblock

The San Diego Union Tribune “State laws that are aimed at putting California at the global forefront of stem cell science are stymieing a promising avenue...

Stem-cell futures

Nature”Given his campaign promises, it seems likely that US President elect Barack Obama will move quickly after his inauguration on 20 January to lift the Bush administration's restrictions...

Taking Business Personally

The New York Times “A few years after Michael J. Fox revealed that he had Parkinson's disease, he attended the annual charity auction for the Robin...

The Root of All Evil?

Economist “Cancer may be caused by stem cells gone bad.  If that proves to be correct, it should revolutionise treatment.” See related article – Shooting Down...

Schwarzenegger vetoes stem cell bill

San Francisco Business Times “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed SB 1565, aimed at making stem cell therapies and diagnostics funded by California's multibillion-dollar stem cell research agency...

Japan fast-tracks stem-cell patent

Nature “Kyoto University in Japan has acquired the world’s first patent for induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.” Read more &raquo

Obama Campaign Reveals Science Advisors

Wired Science “Barack Obama has established a small but well-regarded inner circle of science advisors that includes Nobel laureates.” Read more &raquo

GOP wants to close stem cell lab doors

The Boston Globe “Stem Cell research was one issue that many observers thought would fly under the radar in this year’s presidential election.” Read more &raquo