NYSCF Accomplishments & Milestones


The First-Ever Stem Cell Model of PTSD

Leveraging NYSCF’s unique automation technology, researchers created neurons from the stem cells of PTSD-affected and non-affected combat veterans and exposed them to synthetic hormones mimicking the body’s stress response. This study, published in Nature Neuroscience, is the first to create a stem cell model of PTSD, showing unique features of hypersensitive PTSD-prone neurons to stress.

Hidden Signatures of Parkinson’s Revealed by NYSCF’s Automation & AI

A new platform developed by NYSCF scientists integrates robotic systems with artificial intelligence to identify cellular features of disease. A collaborative study with Google Research, published in Nature Communications, examined more than 6 million images to successfully identify new hallmarks of Parkinson’s cells in comparison to healthy controls.


Stem Cell Models Reflect the Intricacies of Alzheimer’s Brains

Neurons created from the stem cells of 53 deceased individuals representing the spectrum of brain aging from healthy to Alzheimer’s show the same hallmarks as the actual brain tissue from these individuals, finds a collaborative study in Neuron. This shows that these cells can be used to gain insights into how the brain ages in different people.

NYSCF Research Institute Named One of Four New Biotech R&D Facilities by NYC

The designation and grant from the New York City Economic Development Corporation supports equipment at the NYSCF Research Institute that will scale up studies and drug discovery efforts into diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, and more.


First-Ever Virtual Gala & Science Fair

The digital program, hosted by Sanjay Gupta, MD, and directed by Scott Ellis, featured numerous celebrity guests and honored 2020 Stem Cell Heroes Frank Gehry, David Rockwell, and Brooke Ellison, PhD.

First-Ever Virtual Conference

The meeting featured live video poster presentations, video and chat interactions with the stem cell community, and a keynote by Carl June, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania.

Stem Cell Model Shows Possible Mechanism Behind Neurodegeneration

study published in Neuron led by Valentina Fossati, PhD, shows that astrocytes – an integral support cell in the brain – created from human stem cells can turn into neuron-killers, opening the door for new understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

NYSCF Launches Virtual Learning & Events Program

To ensure stem cell education continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, NYSCF launched a new online platform for individuals of all ages. To date, this platform has reached over 3,000 people in 50 different countries.

NYSCF Dives Into COVID-19 Research

NYSCF Research Institute scientists and members of the NYSCF Innovator community immediately began developing solutions for those impacted by COVID-19, from better diagnosing the viral infection, to developing treatments and vaccines, to protecting healthcare workers on the front lines.

Susan L. Solomon Receives ISSCR Award

NYSCF CEO Susan L. Solomon received the 2020 Public Service Award from the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) for her outstanding contributions to the field.


Partnering to Advance Precision Medicine

A new collaboration between the NYSCF Research Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Bloomberg Philanthropies will advance precision medicine by combining clinical and medical expertise with NYSCF’s unique stem cell technologies.

Women Still Underrepresented in STEM Leadership

Cell Stem Cell published a four-year study of over 500 research institutions using the NYSCF Report Card on Gender Equality, showing a continuing widespread gender imbalance in science, technology, engineering and medicine fields.

Stem Cells Take to Space

NYSCF collaboration launches the first 3D models of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis to the International Space Station on SpaceX cargo flight CRS-18.

Making Strides Towards Clinical-Grade Bone

NYSCF researchers report in Stem Cell Research that bone-forming cells can be grown without use of animal-derived compounds, paving the way for use in the clinic.


New Technique for Personalized Bone Grafts

Segmental Additive Tissue Engineering, or SATE, described in Scientific Reports, will allow researchers to create large scale, personalized grafts for those suffering from bone disease or injury.

Family Stem Cell Day

NYSCF’s inaugural Family Stem Cell Day provided local students with the opportunity to speak with researchers and ask questions about stem cells, NYSCF’s work, and what it’s like to be a scientist.

NYSCF Innovator Pioneers Stem Cell Treatment To Restore Vision

Inaugural NYSCF – Robertson Stem Cell Prize Recipient Dr. Peter Coffey, DPhil, and collaborators are in clinical trials now treating patients with macular degeneration.


Alzheimer's Neurons

Creating Alzheimer’s in the Lab

Refined a technique to turn skin cells from patients with mild cognitive impairment into the brain cells that degenerate first in Alzheimer’s disease in collaboration with researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Reported in Acta Neuropathologica Communications.


Making Microglia

A robust, efficient method for deriving microglia, the immune cells of the brain, from human stem cells published in Stem Cell Reports.


New Stem Cells Created

Creation of a new type of stem cell with only one set of chromosomes, haploid stem cells, with colleagues at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Columbia University Medical Center reported in Nature.

Dr. Zhang's Groundbreaking Work

Dr. Feng Zhang receives the 6th NYSCF – Robertson Stem Cell Prize for his groundbreaking work pioneering the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system.


More Precision

The NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array highlighted as a faster, more efficient, more reliable, and cost effective method of creating stem cells and derived cell types in Nature Methods.

Immunoengineering Working Group

First meeting of the Immunoengineering Working Group convened to identifying new ways of addressing the immune attack in type 1 diabetes.


Alzheimer’s Advancements

Successful generation of a stem cell model for familial Alzheimer’s disease and identification of fourteen genes that may be implicated in the disease reported in PLOS One.

Making Living Brain Cells

For the first time, scientists successfully derive living iPS cells from frozen Alzheimer’s patient’s brain tissue, reported in Acta Neuropathologica Communications.


Customizable Bone

Creation of patient-specific, customizable bone to treat disease and injury published in PNAS.


Photo Credit: Dr. Dieter Egli

Mitochondrial Disease Breakthrough

Major breakthrough published in Nature describing a therapy that could prevent the inheritance of mitochondrial diseases.

Discovery of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Awards the NYSCF – Robertson Stem Cell Prize to Dr. Kazutoshi Takahashi for his role in the discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells, a breakthrough that garnered the Nobel Prize for research leader, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka.



NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array

Engineering and building begins on the NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array robotic technology for stem cell production and derivation.


Shared Facility

NYSCF Laboratory becomes official New York shared facility under NYSTEM.


Most Significant Scientific Breakthrough of the Year

TIME and Science magazines cite NYSCF-funded ALS research as the most significant scientific breakthrough of the year.


SCNT Diabetes Research

Expands research team to begin research in somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) for diabetes.

Women of Excellence Award

Susan L. Solomon honored with Women of Excellence Award by Governor David Paterson.


First Grants

Awards first grants for senior scientists.

Advises Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Lt. Gov. David Paterson in drafting NYSTEM, New York State’s 11-year, $600 million stem cell research funding initiative.


NYSCF Research Institute

Opens first privately funded “safe haven” stem cell laboratory in New York, free from restrictions tied to federal funding.

First Annual Gala

Mayor Bloomberg and Dick Wolf speak at NYSCF’s First Annual Gala for scientists and supporters.


Seed Funding

Receives $1.1M of seed funding from two funders.

NYSCF Founded

Susan L. Solomon and Mary Elizabeth Bunzel form The New York Stem Cell Foundation in New York City.